Survey Rates

All rates are cash per lineal foot of the vessel.


Condition & Valuation “Pre-Purchase”
Vessels up to 60′ $18 – $34
Vessels 60’+ Call for a quote

Condition & Valuation “Insurance” or Appraisal Survey
Vessels up to 60′ $15 – $20
Vessels 60′+ Call for a quote

Each survey requires consideration and tailoring to fit each vessel, just too many variables and circumstances to assume otherwise.

Boats do get large quickly, a boat twice the length could have up to four times the surface area and eight times the volume. 

Electrical System Testing 2-hour min. @ $152 per hour
Corrosion Control System Testing 2-hour min. @ $152 per hour
Consulting Outfitting and Upgrades 1.50-hour min. @ $152 per hour
Damage Surveys 2-hour min. @ $152 per hour
Intermodal Cargo & Container Surveys @ $199 each 3-unit min
The Daily rate outside the area $1,600 day + expenses

The survey fee is due and payable to Marine Surveyor West cash or check on or before the commencement of the survey.

Credit card transactions are subject to a convenience fee of 3.9% for US customers and 5.4% outside the US, in addition to the survey fee and any other subsequent fees.

For credit card payments / processing use